Nail art class

Stockholm, Sweden

Sunday – September 17, 2017

Crystal clusters and bling are getting bigger and bigger everyday …


Nail art class

Luleå, Sweden

Saturday – November 18, 2017

In this class we’ll go through all the latest nail art trends …


A: You will get an email about one week before the class with the products that you need to bring. I will have some products for you to use at the class and some you need to bring. I would recommend ordering the “Celina Rydén Signature Nail Art Brush Kit” for the nail art classes or bring something similar. Other from nail products you will have to bring your own UV/LED lamp and an extension cord.

A: No, you can participate as a private person as well. The only thing is that you’ll need to be licensed or undergoing some kind of training as a nail tech.

A: We will need your full name, email address, phone number, company name and company number for the invoice. If you have a private company then we need your ID number. If you are not a Swedish resident then we will need the VAT number for your company as well.

A: Lunch will not be provided, however I will have coffee, tea and snacks ready for you during the day. There are several lunch places around the salon and I will help you to find the place you want to go to. You can also bring your own lunch if you want to. We have a fridge and a microwave for your disposal if needed.

A: Yes, you’ll get a receipt with all the information you need for your bookkeeping after the class is paid for.

A: You can cancel your registration up to one week before the class starts and get your money back minus a fee of 250 SEK plus VAT. After that there are no refunds.

A: Unfortunately we can’t reserve any spots and it’s first-come, first-served. You have secured your spot as soon as the money shows up on our account.

A: No, the class is not brand oriented so you can bring whatever brand of products that you prefer working with.

A: Yes, just let us know what education you are signed up for and send us the contact information for your educator. But you need to have taken the basic training to participate.

A: Yes, just keep in mind that we are only going to work with gel paint during the nail art classes. If you want to use acrylic for the technique classes that’s totally fine. Please just inform me ahead.

A: You won’t be able to buy any professional products from me, if you are interested in buying Light Elegance ahead of the class please go to lightelegance.com. There you’ll be able to find your closest distributor and buy the products from there.

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