who is celina ryden

Celina Rydén is an 80’s child born in -85 in Stockholm, Sweden. At the age of nine she started gymnastics and then later at fifteen became a coach and floor routine choreographer for six years. When she was nineteen she started her dance career and worked as a professional dancer and choreographer for about ten years, standing on the biggest stages in Sweden like for example “Melodifestivalen.

Back in 2005 she also got her nail license but dancing took over and she had to commit fulltime to the stage. In 2013 she got back into the nail industry and after searching for a new brand she started to work with “Light Elegance”. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with the brand and the people behind it and in 2016 she was named as the Light Elegance brand ambassador and international educator.



nail ambassador

Celina got her license in 2005 and has since then worked with two different brands. Since 2014 she’s been working with the U.S. nail brand “Light Elegance” based in Redmond, Oregon. In 2016 she was announced as the official brand ambassador and international educator and is now traveling all around the world doing workshops and trade shows.

Current tradeshows

Celina Rydén





Nail art class

Luleå, Sweden

Saturday – November 18, 2017

In this class we’ll go through all the latest nail art trends …



Nagelsalongen i P3

from 2016 is the first reality style podcast by “Sveriges Radio”, featureing Celina Rydén and her life at the nail salon. You’ll meet famous guests like Kissie, Keela and Ida Warg and listen to captivating, heart breaking and inspiring stories about the lives of some of Celina’s clients.

Episode 5 – Att överleva ett trauma
Episode 6 – Dubbla personligheter
Episode 8 – “Glitter kan vara så glädjande”
On Fleek med Celina och Styleelin

“The dirty truth about the nail industry” is a podcast in collaboration with one of Sweden’s biggest hairstylist Elin Johansson. Together they expose the dirty truth about the beauty industry, invite guests over and every time you finish an episode you’ve definitely learned something you didn’t know before.




Welcome to Celina Rydén brush box! The ultimate nail art brush kit with everything you need to do amazing gel designs.  This family of brushes is hand picked and customized to make your nail art fun and easy.

Kit Includes:

  • Shorty :: Your best buddy when it comes to small and tiny details.
  • Swirly :: He makes swirls and long strokes feel like a walk in the park.
  • Stripy :: Your search for the perfect striper brush is over! Your long strokes have never been longer or straighter.  Just sit back and let Stripy do the work for you.
  • Fluff Daddy :: He is perfect to help you add Pretties to your nail design or brushing excess glitter off the nail.  From the ombré effect to covering a full nail or fade with pigments – he’s got your back!
  • Lil’ Fluff :: This guy is perfect for adding Pretties or Sugar highlights to your design with perfect precision.
  • Block :: He might be short, but don’t judge him by the size!  He is perfect for filling in larger patches, creating marble effects and even precise color line application.




Please note that i do not take any new clients for now